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"I am wild about mangos. Mangos are a national pastime around the world. Each village and town passionately claims they grow the best mango.  Every man, women and child has their own favorite, which is often sour and not sweet. Locals embrace the mango in reverence as if it where the key to the universe. You can tell a mango eater by the way they grasp the mango before they devour one." Mangos Rule!

Chef Allen Susser

Participating Chef's

Kefren Arjona

Eastside Taqueria

Kirk Nelson

Be Organic Catering

  Horacio Rivadero

Plant Miami

 Danny Serfer

Mignonette & Blue Collar  

Ken Lyons


Sebastian Ratti 

Preston's Loews Hotel

Cindy Hutson 

Ortanique on the Mile and Zest 

Kevin Kehoe 

Sparky's Roadside BBQ​

Wenford Simpson

Walkerswoods Foods

Hugh Sinclair

Chef Irie

Patricia Olsen

Under the Mango Tree

Sean Brasel 

Meat Market

Chris Palmer 

American Social

 Brad Kilgore


Chris Valdes

Best Chefs Catering

Max Santiago


Bob Burr

Billy Bobs Corn

Corey Bousquet

The Brick

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