The multi-talented instrumentalist band members and vocalists create beautiful sounds of music that hypnotize and awaken the positive spirits of anyone listening. Soulful and energetic, HyRyZe band will have you dancing the night away with no worries or inhibitions. Their passion and love for music will have you elated. HyRyZe will take you on an adventure-filled, blissful journey, so leave your worries at the door and get ready to be taken to the highest level of music entertainment.

Johnny Rez

Miami’s very own singer-songwriter and music producer of Cuban decent. Featured on NBC’s The Voice, NASCAR, and a feature film soundtrack in Paris. Most recently, he was awarded a Golden Ticket on the national television show American Idol. He currently performs locally, nationally and internationally, along with artists such as Demi Lovato. He is a regular guest on TBN, the Christian Television Network, and is working on his first full length album due in 2019. 

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DJ Felix Sama is one of Miami’s’ most loved entertainers. Since an early age he has been a very popular and respected mix DJ (Hot 105 FM), an on-air personality (Power 96 FM, Salsa 98 FM, MEGA 949), TV Host (mun2 – The Upbeat Show, The Roof) and music producer (2 Live Crew, Shalim, Monchy y Alexandra, Nestor Torres, Don Dinero, Gemstar & Mato, Truko, So South and numerous remixes and compilations). Becoming the true sense of the word pioneer, Felix Sama was one of the first supporters of Latin Hip Hop and Reggaeton movement, opening the doors for the Ivy Queens, and Pitbulls, helping them become the international stars they are today. 

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